QING: AE charm. VF-EF

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QING: AE charm. VF-EF
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QING: AE charm, CCH-1394 Vol II, 44mm, Lei Ling "Daoist curse charm", tai shang zhou yue tian yuan di fang / liu lu jiu zhang / fu shen dao chu wan gui / mie wang ji ru lu ling which translates as "Lao Zi (Lao-Tzu) curses saying the Heaven is round and the earth is square / The Nine Songs of the Six Temperaments / The spirit of the magic writing will destroy the ten thousand ghosts everywhere / Let it be executed as fast as Lu Ling" // Daoist "magic writing" with unclear meaning at left, on right is the Daoist god Zhenwu, also known as the Perfected Warrior; above the center hole are the eight trigrams or bagua and within is the yinyang symbol also known as the taiji, VF-EF. During the Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 AD), Zhenwu was known as Xuanwu and was depicted as a tortoise encircled by a snake. This symbol represented the north direction. Over the centuries this symbol gradually evolved and by the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD) had developed into the very popular warrior god Zhenwu associated with healing and protection. We know this is Zhenwu because he is standing on a tortoise with a snake around it. This charm is well-worn but if you look carefully at Zhenwu's feet you will see an oval-shaped object (tortoise). The head and neck of the tortoise is pointed towards the left at about the 5 o'clock position and about half way between the round center hole and the rim. Just above the head of the tortoise is the head of the snake.